15 mai 2009

Breakfast In America .... at Paris

(Petit déjeuner en Amérique ... à Paris)
Here is a great address in Paris, a great concept indeed !
I said to my friends, "ok for a restaurant but something that I can't find in Brest, a restaurant which makes me travel". They found "Breakfast In America" !
When you open the door, you come in "Happy Days", the decoration, the footpath, the accent of the waitress, the background music and the burgers, some real burgers!
I'm still looking for Fonzie but I didn't try the toilets !

You have to go in, no choice !
In fact there is two place : choose you're favourite one and enjoy your burger !

Breakfast In America,

17 rue des Ecoles dans le 5ème

4 rue Malher dans le 4ème

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